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Sometimes I hate my job

I once wrote a post titled “I Hate My Job – Worst Facebook Status Ever.” And I really do believe that. And I would never post that on Facebook. I’m friends with so many people that I work with, and I wouldn’t want to be a discouragement to them in any way.

But fortunately this isn’t Facebook.

And some days I really do hate my job.

Is there anyone who loves their job every day? Is there a job out there that it’s possible to love everyday? I doubt that there is.

The key of course is to find a job that you love on more days than you hate it. And most days I do enjoy my job.

But I always seem to go through a season every year, that I hate my job. Enough that I day dream of quitting. Or stepping down. It usually happens in Winter. Maybe it’s because I struggle through the Winter months anyway that I feel so discouraged about my job.

I’m going through one of “I hate my job” moods right now. Everything and Everyone is getting on my nerves.

There are some things about my job that I always hate.

I hate dealing with entitled customers who think retail workers are beneath them.

I hate dealing with shoplifters. Especially those who use their kids as a distraction while they rob my store.

I hate being short handed. All. The. Time.

But right now I hate something that I usually enjoy. Being in charge.

I just want to be responsible for myself and my own work. I’m tired of being responsible for everyone else.

But I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t a supervisor. I’ve been one for 15 years. I don’t know that I could be anything else, or that I would be happy if I was.

Plus, I have a good work/life balance on third shift, which is something that is very important to me. But I’m not sure that physically I can handle night shift indefinitely. And the day shift schedule for managers – it sucks! So, maybe it’s time to think about other opportunities in the company.

I rarely make snap decisions, so this is something that I will give serious thought. Because like I said earlier, this could just be a season that will soon pass.

So, what about you? Do you have a season when you hate your job? What do you do to help yourself through those low periods? Let me know in the comments!

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