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Thoughts on Doctor Who Season Nine

***So Many Spoilers Here***

I had high hopes for season nine of Doctor Who. I wish I could say that they were met. I really wish I could.

I’m a pretty forgiving fan. I can over look a lot, and a lot of things that other’s hated I could deal with.

I could handle the Doctor having sonic sunglasses and playing the guitar. Matt Smith was an enthusiastically nerdy Doctor, so Peter Capaldi, our old on the outside, but young on the inside Doctor, could be cool. I even loved the hoodie under long coat look he had going on.

The season started off promising with several good episodes in a row. I enjoyed the return of Missy, and watching the Doctor with Davros was interesting. Ashildr was an interesting new character with a lot of potential. (That ended up being wasted, of course.) And seeing Osgood in The Zygon Invasion was awesome! And I did enjoy the Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song. River is one of my favorite characters, and this episode was actually fun to watch.

My biggest issue with this season was Clara. She is a companion that overstayed her time. I never bought the closeness of her relationship with The Doctor. In the final episodes, he suffered through torture for over four billion years, and was willing to destroy all time and space to save her. Really? All for Clara? He was willing to do that for her, when he wasn’t for Donna? Or Rose? Or Amy? It doesn’t ring true to me. Even though the writer’s really wanted me to, I never felt that his bond with Clara was that deep. And the part that really made me angry – Clara got her own TARDIS! It was just too much.

My second issue with season 9 is the writing. There were episodes that I absolutely hated! Like I said I’m pretty forgiving, so I didn’t think that this was possible. Heaven Sent showed me that it was.

Capaldi is a great actor and I have no doubt that he can carry an entire episode by himself, but even he couldn’t save the terrible writing in this one. I was so put off that by the end of it I had to stop watching for a few days, even though I only had one episode left in the season.

It was my worst viewing experience as a Who fan. Which is saying a lot considering that the episodes before Heaven Sent had The Doctor fighting against a monster made of eye boogers! And I thought Matt Smith got the shaft in the writing department.

Capaldi deserves so much better than this!

In season ten, I hope that the writing improves. I also hope that The Doctor remembers his “duty of care” and finds a companion that challenges him. Twelve needs a Donna Noble.

What are your thoughts on season Nine? Are you a Clara fan? A fan of Twelve? What were your favorite parts of season Nine? What did you think of the ending?

What would you like to read next?

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