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What I want to see in Season nine of Doctor Who

What I want to see in Season nine of Doctor Who

Doctor Who series eight was underwhelming. My hopes were high after the first episode, because I really enjoyed Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as The Doctor. Attack eyebrows and all. But there were very few truly enjoyable episodes last season. Here is what I want to see in season nine of Doctor Who:

More time travel, More new worlds, More monsters

For a show about a time-traveling alien, we spent a lot of time in present day London. Not that I don’t love London, but that’s not why I watch Doctor Who. I watch to see other time periods and the wonder of future worlds. I miss getting to meet people like Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh, and Winston Churchill. That was fun! I miss a future with characters like Cassandra and The Face of Boe.

My favorite episode from series 8 was “Time Heist”. It had a fun plot and great characters in Psi, and Saibra. They were both interesting and fun to watch. We also had the alien, Teller. I want more episodes like this please.

More episodes that creep me out

“Listen” almost did this. I was almost scared to go to bed, until I learned that the thing under the bed was Clara. What a letdown. We need more episodes like Blink that introduced the Weeping Angels. I want to be scared! I want to look at ordinary things with suspicion. Doctor Who use to make me do this.

A grumpy Twelve who isn’t as cruel

I love Peter Capaldi’s grumpy, doesn’t like hugs Doctor. But I didn’t like the cruel things he would say to Clara. It came across as bitter to me. I don’t want a bitter Doctor.

A Strong Clara who isn’t manipulative

I was glad to see a stronger Clara this season. But I didn’t like her resorting to manipulation to get what she wanted from the Doctor. Manipulative women bore me. Clara can go after and get what she wants by using her wits and winning an argument. I want to see her be strong and clever consistently. She’s a better character than she was written last season.

A companion who actually travels with the Doctor

What happened to the Doctor’s companions actually traveling with him? I’m tired of the Doctor just dropping in on his companions to visit. They need to be with him. It isn’t good for the Doctor to be alone. We learned this lesson with Ten.

So, what would you like to see in season nine of Doctor Who? Let me know in the comments.

Season nine of Doctor Who starts on September 19th.

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