Lost -The End (Spoilers)

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I haven’t been a faithful viewer of Lost, so I don’t feel I can comment on how fitting an ending the series finale was, but I did enjoy it. It was filled with wonderful character moments, which is what I always enjoyed about Lost – the characters. Sawyer. Hurley. Locke. Sun. Jin. Sayid. Charlie. It’s the characters that always make a show. If you can’t care about the characters, if you can’t root for them, then it doesn’t matter how complex and interesting the plots and mysteries of a show are, you will get bored with it. Let me clarify one thing, I have never been bored with Lost, my lack of faithfulness has to do with my work schedule. I do intend on buying the DVDs, and watching the entire series that way.

I have read several reviews of the finale, and it surprises me that many people didn’t get the ending. Jack’s father made it perfectly clear. Everything that happened on the Island was real. The “sideways timeline” was a place that they all created to reunite in the afterlife, like purgatory, before they moved on. It seems pretty simple to me. Yet a lot of people took the ending to mean that the characters were dead the whole time. Isn’t it is amazing how people will watch the same thing and all see something different?

Some of the best moments were seeing old characters again. Shannon and Boone. Charlie. Libby. Ana. Bernard and Rose. Vincent. Daniel. Seeing them all reunited was great.

I have never been a huge fan of Jack or Kate but both had some great moments. Jack accepting responsibility for the Island and then sacrificing himself for it. Also, Jack passing the responsibility on to Hurley was a terrific moment. Kate shooting the Man in Black and jumping off the cliff before Sawyer were totally awesome.

I loved that the protection of the island was left to Hurley. He has always been my favorite character and I think that it was a fate that he deserved. And I am glad that he made Ben his second in command. It was a very Hurley thing to do – offering someone like that a second chance.

As series finales go, this was one of the better ones. There is no way to please every fan, the best you can hope for is entertaining them and I feel like the Lost finale did just that.


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