In Memory of Rue

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If you are a girl and a child of the 80’s, then you probably grew up watching The Golden Girls. Exactly what it was about these four women in their “golden years” that I related to as a kid, I don’t know, I just know that I loved the show. As an adult I can see a little of myself in each of the Golden Girls, I am sarcastic and bookish like Dorothy, vain and self-centered, yet good-hearted like Blanche and innocent and competitive like Rose. They have been a part of my life for a long time and they have given me many laughs.

It was sad for me to hear of Rue McClanahan’s passing, so I wanted to give her a small tribute. So, in memory of Rue, here are a few of my favorite quotes by or about Blanche Devereaux.

Dorothy: Blanche, have you heard of the latest campaigns?
“Join the navy, see the world… sleep with Blanche Devereaux”?
“Join the army, be all you can be… sleep with Blanche Devereaux”?
“The marines are looking for a few good men who have *not* slept with Blanche Devereaux”!

Rose: You’re not a horrible person your’re just horny all the time.

Blanche: He is so sophisticated and charming and rich and handsome. He fairly screams Blanche. At least, he will when I’M through with him.

Blanche: What do you think of my new dress? Is it me?
Sophia: It’s too tight, it’s too short and shows too much cleavage for a woman your age.
Dorothy: Yes, Blanche. It’s you.

Blanche: I treat my body like a temple.
Sophia: Yeah, open to everyone, day or night.

Blanche: I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!… in a library… on a Saturday… unless he’s cute… and drives a nice car… Amen

Blanche: When Blanche Devereaux goes after a man, she doesn’t stand on ceremony!
Sophia: Or the floor.

Blanche: [Blanche explaining why she worn red at her wedding instead of white] Oh please, it’s bad enough hearing all those snickers as you walk down the aisle, but me in white, even I couldn’t keep a straight face.

Blanche: My first was Billy. Oh, I’ll never forget it! That night under the dogwood tree, the air thick with perfume, and me with Billy. Or Bobby? Yes, that’s right, Bobby! Or was it Ben? Oh who knows, anyway, it started with a B.

Blanche: [Blanche’s umpteenth time saying it in the episode] I was once arrested for that in Chattanooga.
Dorothy: Blance, are you allowed to go back to Chattanooga?
Blanche: Are you kidding? The sheriff still writes.

Blanche: Devastated, just devastated! There is no other word to describe just how devastated I am.


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