I want to travel with one bag.

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Every Summer, from the time I was 13 until I was 20 years old, my sister, Paige, and I went to church camp. The first year we packed way too much stuff. I don’t remember for sure how many bags we had, but I am thinking 2 a piece and one we shared, plus sleeping bags. Like I said, way too much and it only took that one trip for us to learn our lesson. The next year when all the other girls had tons of bags, we each had one duffle and our sleeping bags.

When I started traveling as an adult, those camp packing experiences really helped me with my packing. My trips have been anywhere from 9 days to 14 days, and I only take one carry-on and one check-in bag. I thought this was excellent! Especially when I saw some people picking up three and four suitcases at baggage claim.

Then I started hearing about people who could travel for two weeks or longer with just one carry-on. I thought, Wow! There must be some great folding trick that I don’t know about! Seriously, this is what I thought. lol

So, I started doing some research and the first website I stumbled across, One Bag (HA! How Funny!), and it shattered all my illusions. It seems that the key to traveling with one bag is just take less clothes and be prepared to wash the ones you do take. How disappointing!

Further research, suggested traveling with mostly neutral colored clothing. How boring! So, I gave up on the idea of just having a carry-on, and settled for being an average packer.

But now the idea has taken root again, and I plan to travel with just a carry-on for my next big trip. Partly because it is something that I always wanted to try and partly because it will be a challenge, and I love a challenge! Also, I am considering becoming a sort-of minimalist and a minimalist would definitely only travel with a carry-on.

Plus, there are lots of advantages to traveling with just a carry-on. A lot of airlines are now charging for checked bags, so you save money by only having a carry-on. Plus, you save a lot of time and worry. If you just have a carry-on, there is no trip to baggage claim after you flight and no worrying that the airline might loose your luggage. All of this sounds good to me!

So, I’m going to do it! I am going to become a one-bag traveler. How about you?

This is the first in a series chronically my experiment in traveling with one bag. Well, I don’t have a trip planned right now, but I want to be ready when I do. 🙂 Hopefully, these articles will be as big a help to you as they are to me.


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