Essential Travel Items

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My recent weekend getaway, brought this list to mind. These are the things I never travel without. I have found them useful for every trip that I have been on, and if I happened to forget one of them, the item was very much missed.

1. First Aid Kit

Here is what I have in mine:

  • bandaids
  • Tylenol
  • hydrocortizone
  • Neosporin
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • dramamine

2. Flip-flops

Perfect for pools and showers, or just to wear with your jeans.

3. Umbrella or poncho

I have a compact size umbrella that I use for travel, it takes up very little room in my suitcase.

4. Cuddle Duds/Under Armour aka Long Underwear

Which ever brand you prefer, this is a great item to have with you. When I want to Egypt several years ago, I took my Cuddle Duds, “just in case”. Well, when I had to climb Mt. Sinai in 30 degree weather, I was so glad that I had them. Now, I always pack them! They roll up very small and take up very little room.

5. Febreze/Lysol

I take Febreeze to freshen my clothes and Lysol to freshen the hotel rooms. Just be sure to get the travel size.

6. Books/Magazines/Puzzles

Personally, I prefer a book, but which ever you prefer, having something to entertain yourself is a must.

7. MP3 Player/Games

Another alternative for entertainment. Perfect to keep yourself occupied on plane and bus rides.

8. Sunglasses

9. Hand Sanitizer

In case you can’t get to the bathroom to wash your hands.

10. Downy Wrinkle Release

A lot easier to pack than an iron. Again, look for the travel size.

This is my list, what’s on your’s?


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