Why do people rant on Facebook?

Posted November 15, 2012 by Paula in The Web / 1 Comment

I get some rants.

Like political ones. Some people are actually hoping to start discussions about the issues, maybe even change another person’s point of view. Some are just hoping to get a rise out those with opposing views and some “hell yeahs” from those who agree with them.

I get ranting about your favorite TV show when things suddenly go wrong. You want someone to agree with you about the stupidity of it all.

I get bashing stupid celebrities like the Kardashians. After all, their very existence is just asking to be mocked.

But why do people talk bad about their families and friends on Facebook? Why do people choose to vent their feelings on Facebook rather than deal with the person they are angry with face to face?

The other day my Mom and I had a huge fight. Nothing new. Usually I vent to my sister, but she recently got married and moved out, so she wasn’t around. I was so angry and frustrated. I almost went to Facebook and said all that I wanted to vent to my Sister. Almost.

As I sat there, staring at my computer screen, I suddenly realized why some people say the things they do on Facebook and other media: they need someone to talk to and the internet is always there in those moments of weakness. It gives you an instant connection with seemingly no repercussions because you’re not actually having to look someone in the eye.

Recently a friend of mine was posting constantly about married people flirting with other people, and how no other woman needed to be telling him he was good-looking or calling him honey or babe. It was an everyday, all the time thing. My Sister grew sick of it and told him that if someone was hitting on him, it would be better to stop being a coward and tell that person directly to leave him alone than posting cryptically on Facebook.

He then proceeded to post cryptically about friends that were worse than enemies. She called him out on that too.

I didn’t actually read any of their interaction, because I had already grew tired of his bullshit and blocked his posts.* But I think my sister was right. If you don’t have the guts to say something to someone face to face, then you certainly shouldn’t be posting it on Facebook.

I may understand the temptation to use Facebook as an outlet for my anger/frustration at someone, but I don’t want to be a coward and do so.

So, why do you think people rant/vent on Facebook? Why do they choose this avenue instead of talking to someone directly? Do you get the temptation?

* Yes, that I know that is passive-aggressive. But is someone’s posts are constantly drama filled and cryptic, I just block them. Most people are basically good-hearted, but something about Facebook brings out the worst in us, and I really don’t like thinking bad of people. So, if I don’t see the stupid things they post, I can’t think bad of them. 🙂


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  1. shelley

    I am having this problem with a family member on facebook ranting about me and my family amongst others to other family members and who ever will listen ,he is doing it non stop ,it is all just mad ranting and nonfactual nonsense and i’m not even a member of facebook .
    I think people who are lonely or or in need of some attention do these things .
    Why can’t they just find a friend or get a cat

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