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I enjoy surfing the internet. You get to meet new people through their web homes , learn new things and see some great designs, but you also see a lot of the same things over and over. So many sites have the same About, Domain, Visitor and Web navigation. It use to be, Me, You, WWW. And almost everyone has the same minimalist design (no graphics or personality). It gets kinda boring after a while, and most of these sites start to blend together. That got me thinking about the sites I enjoy the most and below is a spotlight of the sites that I love and find to be very original.

Hearts Enchanted – Amanda has a style that is all her own. I can pick her work out from anywhere. She is a true artist and one of a kind.

Flick Filosopher – MaryAnn is my favorite movie critic. Her reviews are entertaining and thoughtful, and you can tell that she has a true love of movies. Yeah, sometimes she can be pretentious but she always makes me laugh.

Lissa Explains It All – Lissa’s tutorial site has been a huge help to me and countless others. She made learning HTML so easy. And there are no other sites online that look like hers.

Full Moon Graphics – Some of the coolest graphics ever. At least in my opinion.

Here There Be Mice – I just happened to stumble across this site and I loved it. A website about having pet mice! Who would have thought? It has a cute design and a very unique concept.

Josie’s Dollz – I have been a fan of Josie’s for years. Back when everyone was doing palace dollz, Josie’s dollz really stood out and they still do. She has her own unique style, and I’m glad to see that she is still around.

There and Back Again – A beautiful Lord of the Rings fan site.

Cherry.nu – In my opinion, Lisa stands far above the crowd of today’s personal sites. Her designs are truly original and she offers some very helpful tutorials that I personally have never seen anywhere else.

Have a site that you like and think is original? Leave a link in the comments.

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