Drama. An Internet Staple.

It is disappointing when you think you have found a website owned by someone who is cool and above all the drama on the web, and then you realize that they are not.

Just so you know the following situation has nothing to with me, I am simply an observer.

I was visiting one of my favorite sites, when I saw that she had posted about being “trolled”. I was curious, so I read the article, which lead to another article about public breastfeeding. Or rather the article was an attack on a girl for her comments against public breastfeeding. There was a lot of name calling and insults, with links to this girls website and twitter account.

Personally, I have no opinion on public breastfeeding, what bothered me was this attack by an adult on a teenager. Why would anyone do that? If she disagreed with the girls comments, why not just write an article, stating an opinion in favor of public breastfeeding? And if a link needed to be added, add one to the Facebook group that this girl apparently belonged to that was against breastfeeding in public. Why the personal attack? The only reason I can see was to purposely start drama. If that was the mission, then it was well accomplished. I read a lot of the comments on the writer’s website, as well as the girls, until I finally got sick of it. Drama. You can’t help but watch it, and you kinda hate yourself for it.

Situations like this are why I stay on the fringe of most internet communities. I have been around a long time, and I’ve seen the drama in the pixel/country art communities and dolling communities, and it just makes me sad. I always enjoyed the works of these communities, but never really participated, because of the people in them that are prone to witch hunts and paranoia. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of great people in these communities, but so many like to ruin it for others. Why do people feel the need to stir stuff up? Why do they feed on drama? I have never understood. I often wonder if they are the same way in real life? Or are they only able to do these things online, where they don’t have to look people in the face?

Something else that I noticed in reading the comments on the breastfeeding article, was that so many called the girl “a typical ignorant and self-centered teenager.” I found this amusing. Yeah, most teenagers are ignorant and self-centered, but so are most adults! Hello! How many of us have blogs where we obsess about our lives and opinions? How much more self-centered can you get? :p

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