Banana Republic's 13 Key Pieces

Banana Republic’s 13 Key Pieces

This post was originally published on October 5, 2011. With the Fall season nearly here, I thought it would be a good idea to repost it for those looking to update their wardrobes. I love window shopping, in real stores and online. Last week, I was browsing Banana Republic’s website, and found this great article […]

What do you want from your wardrobe?

What do you want from your wardrobe?

I read somewhere, and I can’t remember where now, that you should write down what the perfect wardrobe means to you. That was an idea that I thought actually sounded helpful. So here goes: I want my wardrobe to be cute and comfortable This is probably what most women would say. But for me that […]

Right now I’m loving…

My Kindle Fire When e-readers first came out, I was one of those who swore I would never use one. How could they replace the feel of a real book in your hand? Or the smell? Or the satisfaction of placing it on your book shelf after finishing it? They couldn’t! It was impossible! But […]