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What do you want from your wardrobe?

What do you want from your wardrobe?

I read somewhere, and I can’t remember where now, that you should write down what the perfect wardrobe means to you. That was an idea that I thought actually sounded helpful. So here goes:

I want my wardrobe to be cute and comfortable

This is probably what most women would say. But for me that means that I know that I look good in everything I own and that it fits well. It’s not fun to wear something that you don’t feel really flatters you. It’s not comfortable when clothes are too tight or shoes don’t fit well.

I want clothes that feel like me, not some fantasy self I created.

I think that we’ve all done this – bought clothes because we loved how they looked but that didn’t really fit our lifestyles. I love heels! I’ve bought many over the years, and in my head I see myself wearing them out with my friends or even to work, but they always end up unworn because I choose flats instead.

I want clothes that can be worn for many years to come.

I’m really not into trends, I prefer classic looks. Whenever I buy something trendy, I’ll wear a few times that year and then the next year I worry that it looks dated and never wear it again. Colossal waste of money! I don’t want to look in my closet and see that!

I want variety in my tops, and fewer bottoms that can worn with everything.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned that I love having new tops to wear, but I can wear the same shorts or jeans over and over again. This has been a huge realization for me, and I’ve started to pare down my bottoms accordingly.

I want simple go to outfits that are still interesting.

I especially want simplicity in the summertime, which is why I usually wear a t-shirt or tank top, and shorts. I try to make this look more interesting by wearing jewelry, and sandals or ballet flats instead of flip flops. In the fall and winter, I get to have more fun with layering. I wear a lot of cardigans over graphic T-shirts with skinny jeans tucked into tall boots. Or a crew-neck sweater over a button-down shirt again with skinny jeans and tall boots.

I want to know that I have something appropriate for any occasion.

It’s stressful when you have a wedding or business event to attend, and you know you have nothing in your closet that would work for those occasions. Social functions stress me out anyway. So I definitely want to get to the point that my wardrobe is one less worry during those times.

I want to know how to define my style.

That’s something else that all the style gurus recommend – coming up with adjectives that describe your style. I love dark wash jeans, cardigans, striped tops, graphics tees (Avengers, Harry Potter, etc.), Chucks, but I also love lacy details and peter pan collars. So right now I think – classic, casual, nerdy, with touches of girly suits me. But I’m still working on it.

Some of these I feel like I’m getting a good handle on, while with others I still have a long way to go. But at least I know what direction I want to take my wardrobe.

So what about you? What do you want from your wardrobe? What have you learned on your journey to personal style? Let me know in the comments!

What do you want from your wardrobe?

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