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What are your investment pieces?

Sally’s recent post on investment pieces made me think about the items that I splurge on and why I think that they are worth the extra dough. Here are my investment pieces:

Work Shoes

I work in retail, which means I am on my feet for 40 hours a week. So for me, it is very important to have a supportive pair of shoes. And if that means I have to spend a little more than normal for work shoes, I do it. Believe me it is worth it not to come home with my feet and legs in agony.

Work Shirts

I mostly wear t-shirts and polos for work, and these shirts take a lot of abuse. I get most of my shirts from LL Bean. They have a variety of looks and their shirts keep their shape and color even after lots of washing. To me, this is worth the extra money I spend, because I don’t have to replace my work shirts as often.


This is one area that I think all women should spend a little extra on. The girls need support! 🙂 When I have on a prefect fitting bra, I feel so much more confident in how I look, not to mention feeling more comfortable in general. Isn’t that worth a little extra money?

My Winter Coat

I hate the cold! But I hate wearing a heavy coat, so I looked for a light weight coat that would still keep me warm in the coldest temperatures. It meant spending a little extra money, but it was worth it!


I’m definitely a jeans girl! While I don’t always spend a ton of money on jeans, if those jeans fit really well, I treat them like gold. I don’t wash my jeans after every wear, and I always line-dry them. By doing these two things, I’m able to keep my favorite jeans looking good for years.


I got my first set of “grown-up” luggage when I was 25, and I’m so glad that I decided to invest in a good set. I’ve seen too many people buy cheaper luggage only to have to replace it after one trip. My 3-piece set has been on countless road trips, plus to Greece, Egypt, Europe and Kenya, and it still looks great! If you travel a lot, this is one thing you definitely shouldn’t skimp on.

So what items do you consider investment pieces? And why do you think that they are worth that extra money?

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One response to “What are your investment pieces?

  1. Paula – I also enjoyed Sally’s blog on this topic (which I found thanks to you!) I agree with you on the shoes for investment pieces. I do sometimes purchase trendy shoes for enjoyment and to spice up my wardrobe when I am tired with it, but I learned a lesson recently with boots. I bought some cheap brown knee-high boots that fell apart almost immediately, and finally after a long hunt found a pair from Keen that fit well and will last me a long time. I also am willing to spend money on pants when they fit well–being petite and curvy makes it challenging to buy inexpensive pants! The last item that makes sense to invest in for me is a dress that fits well–over five years ago I bought a wrap-style dress that I have nearly worn out, and have my eye on getting another! -Alexandra