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Finding Personal Style


***This month is my two year blogging anniversary, so I thought I would highlight a few posts from my early blogging days. This is one my favorites and was originally posted on August 27, 2010.***

I blame What Not to Wear for my obsession with clothes. For years, I didn’t give my wardrobe a lot of thought, but I started watching Clinton and Stacy, and I started to see clothes in a whole new light.

One reason that I didn’t give a lot of thought to clothes is I was home-schooled. There wasn’t a need to have a lot of clothes and my only reason to dress up was church. I know, that doesn’t excuse me dressing like a complete dork, but you don’t realize you need something, well, until you need it. I really dressed horribly. My clothes were always too big, because I thought that hid my weight, and everything was just very plain and boring. Baseball t-shirts and hooded t-shirts or sweaters were my wardrobe staples. I still like those things, but back then that was all I wore.

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties, when on a weekend get away with my friends, that I realized how bad my clothes were. I did not have anything that was remotely dressy, or even a piece of clothing that could be dressed up. My clothes were very boring compared to my friends. It was sad. In some ways, it made me feel like my friends had passed me up. I was still stuck in my teenage years and they had moved on.

I didn’t have a lot of direction at this point, I just knew that I wanted to dress better. So, I bought cuter t-shirts. Seriously, this was my sad, sad answer to my wardrobe problems. Thankfully, I found What Not to Wear. I can’t remember how I found it, but I am glad that I did. The show opened my eyes to all the cute clothing that I was missing, and it helped me find some direction.

One thing I learned is that you should dress to suit your life. My life is simple, and so are my tastes. I love cardigans, pencil skirts, argyle sweaters, blazers, button-up shirts with mandarin collars, ballet flats and dark wash jeans. These are now my wardrobe staples. At heart though, I am still a jeans and t-shirt girl, but I have left behind the baseball and logo tees of my youth. Now when I buy a t-shirt I look for ones that have an unusual detailing or print. I have this great turquoise tee that has a banded bottom and crocheted collar and sleeves. It is so cute and still me, but more age appropriate.

That is something else I learned from Stacy and Clinton, you should dress your age. I have always looked young for my age, but I don’t want to look that way because of my clothes. Because of What Not to Wear, I now know, that if the main clientele of a store is teenagers, that store is not for me.

I also learned that proper fit is very important. Everyone that comes on the show leaves looking thinner, because their new clothes fit them the way that they should. As I stated earlier, I always wore my clothes too big, but not anymore. I wear what fits and I look and feel so much better because of it.

I still have a long way to go when it comes to finding my own style, especially when it comes to accessories, but I am learning. I still make plenty of fashion mistakes and I know I have clothes that Stacy and Clinton would hate, (my Hogwarts hoodie – I couldn’t give THAT up) but I am trying. I want to have a closet filled with clothes that are of good quality and fit like a glove; clothes that make me feel great when I put them on. I think that is something we all deserve.

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3 responses to “Finding Personal Style

  1. Paula – Great post! And who said TV isn’t educational! I also have learned so much from that show–I still don’t always implement all their good advice, but it has given me really good ideas, and sometimes when I am out shopping for clothes and trying on something questionable, it as if I can hear Stacey and Clinton in my head, saying, “No, No, Don’t do it!”. What I like about that show, is although it can come off as harsh sometimes, part of what they are preaching is to accept the body you have and realize what flatters it the most. I’ve finally learned that certain styles I still gravitate towards (such as turtlenecks!) are really not flattering on me and never, ever will be. I will, sadly, never have the long, willowy neck they require. A V-Neck looks 1O times better. -A

    • Thanks Alexandra! I often hear Stacy and Clinton too! LOL One of the things I always liked best about the show was that everyone left feeling more confident about how they looked. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Hi Paula! Sorry for not visiting you in quite a while!
    Happy two years to your blog 🙂
    I like this post. I whole-heartedly agree that people should wear clothing that FITS! Wearing things too tight or too lose just don’t look as good. I’m really glad you’ve found your own style and feel loads more confident now. I know what you mean about how to look for shirts now. I have too many cutesy graphic shirts…now when I buy shirts, I try to keep my eyes on more sophisticated designs and shirts that could be dressed up.