9 Christmas Gift Ideas

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My Grandmother, we call her Poppy, is very hard to shop for. She is 86 years old, so she pretty much has everything that she needs. If you buy her clothes or shoes, she just puts them in the closet and never wears them. Whenever I’m going on a trip, she brings those clothes out and offers them to me! If you ask Poppy what she wants for Christmas, she says not to get her anything. While all of this is endearing, it is also frustrating, because it makes it hard to find her a great gift.

This year, my Sister and I thought of a great gift for Poppy. We took some of our favorite family photos then went to Wal-mart.com and made her a photo calender. We know it is something that she will use, and it is something that she will love because it is full of the people that she loves.

So, in honor of my hard-to-shop-for Poppy, here is a list of my favorite gift ideas, beginning with:

1. A personalized family calender from Wal-mart.

2. Picture mugs or other accessories from Wal-mart.
They have a ton of options from mugs to mouse pads to blankets.

3. Manicure and pedicure sets from Sephora.
I especially like the flip-flop pedicure set.

4. Hallmark Spoon ornaments.
Makes a great stocking stuffer.

5. American Eagle Toggle Cardigan.
Or pretty much ANY sweater from AE. They have a great selection. Read the reviews to get an idea on how a sweater will fit.

6. A favorite childhood movie now out DVD.
My Sister and I loved the made-for-TV Alice in Wonderland when we were kids, so I got the DVD for her for Christmas.

7. Amazon gift Card.
Because who doesn’t love Amazon?!

8. Golden Girls Complete Series on DVD.
Any girl who was a child of the 80’s will love this!

9. Pajamas with matching slippers.
Victoria’s Secret’s flannel pjs are so comfy!

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Note: This list is my opinion. I receive no compensation for linking these sites. Just thought you would like to know.


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