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7 ways to make a T-shirt and Jeans Wardrobe More interesting

I may wear trousers for work and dresses to church but in every day life I always choose my jeans and t-shirt. It’s just who I am.

But sadly that can get boring if you let it. So if you’re a t-shirt and jean girl like me, here’s my tips to keep your wardrobe fun and interesting.

1. Vary the necklines and styles of your basic T-shirts

Tees by geekyshopaholic79 featuring long sleeve t shirts

Do you always wear crew neck tees? Try changing things up. There are so many necklines out there – v-necks, boatnecks, scoops, Henley. Why just have one kind in your wardrobe?

Are your shirts always fitted? Try tees that are loose or boxy. You could also try raglan or dolmen sleeves.

I use to wear a lot of fitted crew neck tees, but now I intentionally look for different necklines and sleeve lengths, especially for my basic tees.

2. Try printed or graphic Tees

Printed/Graphic Tees by geekyshopaholic79 featuring a floral tee

It’s a good idea to have some solid tees in your wardrobe, but you don’t want all your tees to be plain. Stripes are probably the most popular print for t-shirts but a cute floral or polka dot can also be a lot of fun. Graphic tees are also a great way to add interest. Graphic tees can add personality by showcasing something that your love. I have some great Harry Potter and Avenger tees that I love wearing especially with number seven on my list.

3. Look for T-shirts with interesting details

Tees with interesting details by geekyshopaholic79 featuring a faux leather t shirt

You should also look for interesting details on your tee. I love a t-shirt with a lace front or some embellishment along the neckline. Details like that can add some femininity to your look. Or if you want to add some edge you can try something like the t-shirt with leather sleeves above.

4. Wear blouses that have a t-shirt feel

Blouses with a T-shirt feel by geekyshopaholic79 featuring purple tops

It’s all about the comfort zone here. I’ve found that I’m more likely to wear a blouse if it’s style reminds me of a t-shirt.

5. Vary the cut of your jeans

Different Jean Styles by geekyshopaholic79 featuring skinny jeans

Wearing the same kind of jeans can get boring too. I should know as someone who only wore boot-cut or straight-leg jeans for years. But now I’ve added some variety with skinny and boyfriend jeans.

6. Try colored jeans

Colored Jeans by geekyshopaholic79 featuring old navy skinny jeans

Colored jeans will add some pop to those basic tees I mentioned in number one. Right now, I’m loving maroon for fall.

7. Add a completer piece

Completer Pieces by geekyshopaholic79 featuring open front tops

A completer piece does just that it completes your look. Cardigans and blazers are great go-to completer pieces. Also, putting on a great necklace or scarf and some cute shoes makes your simple t-shirt and jeans an outfit.

Are you a t-shirt and jeans girl? What are your tips for keeping your wardrobe interesting? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If you notice something wrong with the new layout, please let me know. Thank you!

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