The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #109

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The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #109

Hello! Welcome to The Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Hosted each week by Sammie, Shari, Jess and me.

This week it was hard for me to motivate myself to blog, but that didn’t stop me from reading about blogging! I found tons of great posts to share and I hope you’ll find them as helpful as I did!

Erin shares some things to do before you publish your blog post.

Rachel shares 10 lessons learned in her first year of blogging.

Emily gives us 15 time management tips she learned her first year of blogging.

Sara writes about how to live now to have no regrets later.

Elena writes about the ugly side of blogging.

Removing possessions begins to turn back our desire for more as we find freedom, happiness, and abundance in owning less. And removing ourselves from the all-consuming desire to own more creates opportunity for significant life change to take place.”

Mariah gives us the do’s and dont’s of Typography.

Sarah tells us why you should act like a normal human on the internet.

7 Reasons the blunt friend is the best friend you’ll ever have!

Now it’s your turn!

Now it’s time for you to share your link list post, or your favorite post from the week if you’re not the link list kind.

Please link only one post, so that it’s fair for everyone. And do try to stop by and visit some of the other bloggers in the link up!

The link up opens every Saturday Morning at The Annoyed Thyroid and Good Food Week, Confident Life, and every Friday evening here at The Geeky Shopaholic. There’s a bit of a time difference since they are in Australia and I’m in the United States. But that’s OK, because no matter which blog you link up on, it shows on all three! As if by magic!

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