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The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #123

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #123

Hello! Welcome to The Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Hosted each week by Sammie, Shari, Jess and me.

Today, my friends is a bittersweet day. This post is the very last link up for The Rabbit Hole. Thank you, Sammie, Karin, Shari, and Jess for allowing me to host with you! It’s been a wonderful time! And I’ve met so many great bloggers because of this link up! I will miss it, but it is time for us to move on. We will all still be blogging as our respective blogs so I will still see you all around the interwebs!

MailChimp now offers automations for free! And Theressa has a great tutorial on how to set them up.

Lisa tells us how to optimize our blogs for Pinterest. Definitely, think I’ll check out the Social Warfare plugin she mentions.

“Books are a wonderful outlet for countless reasons, but especially because they can help people feel understood. If we never see ourselves or even a version of ourselves in the things we see and read, what kind of message does that send?”

Helene writes about why SEO is killing your blog. She may be on to something, people!

Melissa writes about five mistakes she’s made in five years of marriage.

Emily shares her favorite outfits for summer. I love her style!

“The problem is, how do you get your point across without being a dick about it? And how do you stand up for what you believe and in and fight injustices if you’d really rather not bring conflict into your life?”

Caitlin gives us five tricks you can do with Grammarly to write better blog posts. I use the free version and I’ve found it helpful especially when it comes to commas.

Now it’s your turn!

Now it’s time for you to share your link list post, or your favorite post from the week if you’re not the link list kind.

Please link only one post, so that it’s fair for everyone. And do try to stop by and visit some of the other bloggers in the link up!

Be sure to visit my co-hosts at The Annoyed Thyroid, Good Food Week, and Confident Life. There’s a bit of a time difference since they are in Australia and I’m in the United States. But that’s OK, because no matter which blog you link up on, it shows on all three! As if by magic!

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5 responses to “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #123

  1. I’m going to miss co-hosting with you, and all your lovely links but I’ll still be stopping by and catching up on your posts of awesome! That grammarly post was an eye opener, I’ve saved so many awesome blogging tips from your rabbit hole posts! Have a great weeekend and thanks for the good times!

  2. It’s been great catching up with you here and I am sad the Ultimate Rabbit Hole is finishing but there is time for everything. I wish you well and I think we might see each other on social media too! Thank you for your hosting too. Denyse

  3. Elisa

    Oh I know just what you mean about books making you feel understood! Probably why I can’t stop reading! I will miss your link up. Elisa x