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The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #122

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #122

Hello! Welcome to The Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Hosted each week by Sammie, Shari, Jess and me.

I hope all is well with all my Rabbit Hole friends! As for me, I spent most of this past week remodeling our bathroom. And it was so much fun! For the first time in my life, I puttied walls and painted a cabinet! It was awesome!

I also made some time to read some great posts. Hope you enjoy!

Kathie writes about the six elements of a really amazing website. I really need to work on #3.

I love Erin’s review of The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. It’s one of my favorite books!

“The more I think about it, the more it strikes me as terribly strange that anyone trying to genuinely instruct + help people succeed in an endeavor would feel it’s appropriate to make their “multiple 6-figure income” a selling point — or hold it out there as a goal “anyone” can reach with only a certain level of knowledge or training in ____ .”

Nina gives some great advice about a botched weekend away with friends.

Caitlin writes about owning your personal economy and electing yourself president of your own life.

Erin gives us simple habits for a more organized home.

So my desk overflows with growing stacks of volumes. They are at least somewhat organized: the books I can’t wait to read, the books I’d like to read someday, the books I really should be reading, the books I know I’ll probably never get to, and—towering over them all—a tottering stack of the books I’ve finished.” – I can relate!

Amber gives tips on how to keep your shoes looking new.

Catherine asks when will women stop tearing each other down online?

Kathleen writes about the importance of anchor text for SEO.

Now it’s your turn!

Now it’s time for you to share your link list post, or your favorite post from the week if you’re not the link list kind.

Please link only one post, so that it’s fair for everyone. And do try to stop by and visit some of the other bloggers in the link up!

The link up opens every Saturday Morning at The Annoyed Thyroid, Good Food Week, and Confident Life, and every Friday evening here at The Geeky Shopaholic. There’s a bit of a time difference since they are in Australia and I’m in the United States. But that’s OK, because no matter which blog you link up on, it shows on all three! As if by magic!

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What would you like to read next?

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6 responses to “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #122

  1. Yay for the remodelling, it’s makes you feel pretty great I reckon and I bet it looks awesome!
    Thanks for the links as usual, I’m off to check up on anchor text.
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  2. Lovely post! I don’t know where to start on the lovely links, will need to make a cup of tea and take my time 🙂
    Enjoy your remodelling!