Saturday Sharing – X-men, a review of Brave and more

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Check out Penelope Trunk on pinterest. She has some amazing pins!

Judy gives us 10 reasons why our blog comments might be ignored.

Emmie writes about which X-men she wouldn’t want to be!

“There isn’t even any need to qualify the triumph of Brave, to give it a pass merely because its central character of Merida is so rare a cinematic thing. Because everything about Merida’s story is new and unique and undeniably female. She is not a girl slotted into a boy’s story.”

Anne tells us how to grow our blogs while still being true to ourselves and having fun!

This is an older post of Sarah’s that I just found, and I enjoyed reading about how she makes money as a professional blogger.

Annabel gives us some tips on how to manage and maximize our money when traveling.

I don’t really want to draw attention to my appearance because what if it turns out that there’s nothing there worth paying attention to? Because what if some comment I make causes people to wonder why I think I’m so great? Because what if I accidentally imply that I am stunning, and that would be absurd and everyone would have to laugh at the absurdity of that idea.”

This is a great video that shows a ton of ways to style a basic white tee.


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