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Saturday Sharing - Wordpress Plugins, Envy and more

Saturday Sharing – WordPress Plugins, Envy and more

Amber shares her favorite WordPress plugins. I’ve already started using Yoast SEO and I love it!

“This post is about the lack of representation because I’m tired of books with chronically ill characters ending one of two ways: they die (and their deaths are So Tragic), or they’re cured (because how else can they have a Happily Ever After?).”

Melyssa tells us 17 things we should do to every blog post before and after we hit publish.

Check out these free social media icons from Carrie Loves.

Nina gives some great advice on how to deal with envy.

I enjoyed CJ’s post on e-readers vs. hard copies.

I love all the ways that Audrey styles her cargo jacket.

But we cannot look just like her. She doesn’t even look just like her. This is not what a regular human being looks like, even with gobs of professionally applied makeup. No one’s face is entirely free of pores, creases, hairs, blemishes, freckles, discoloration, scars, warts, beauty marks, wrinkles, spots, acne, and all of the other decidedly human things that characterize human faces.”

Saturday Sharing is a weekly feature where I share my favorite posts from around the web.

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