Saturday Sharing – Widgets, Teen Idols and more!

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Maryann asks, “What great things will future generations miss out on?”

Jacqueline at Just Trendy uses Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to inspire some cute outfits.

Anne shows us what celebrities would look like if they were everyday people.

This is an older post of Tina’s at Life Without Pink, but it has some great WordPress plug-in suggestions for your blog. Thanks to her I am now using Comment Luv and WordPress Thread Comment. 🙂

Sal always has great posts and this one about how we measure our self-worth is no exception.

I just discovered Sally’s blog Unbrave Girl this week and it is awesome! This post about why she calls herself a writer had me laughing out loud.

Samantha at What Little things writes about how we can conquer self-doubt.

Jen writes about how important our attitudes are to our success.

Dayle welcomes in Autumn with this beautiful piece of “maybe?” poetry.

US magazine lists the Hottest Teen Idols Ever. This brings back a lot of memories for me. I had New Kids on the Block, The Coreys, and Kirk Cameron plastered all over my bedroom walls. 🙂 What about you? Who were you teen idols?


3 responses to “Saturday Sharing – Widgets, Teen Idols and more!

  1. Hehe I know! But there are so many good blogs out there it’s hard to resist!

    I’ll be over to check out your Sat. Sharing as soon as I can. My laptop is not working right now and I am reading everything on my phone, which sucks! I’ll have to borrow Mom’s laptop, because I don’t work tomorrow and I can’t go all day without the internet! I’ll go nuts! Lol

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