Saturday Sharing – walking, productivity hacks, and more

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Saturday Sharing - walking, productivity tips

Saturday Sharing is a weekly feature where I share my favorite posts from around the web. I’m linking up at The Ultimate Rabbit Hole with Sammie, Karin, and Shannon. So be sure to give them a visit and check out the other blogs in the link up. 🙂

“Time has shown me that loving yourself is a journey not a destination, it’s those daily activities and habits you do that have a positive affect on you and overall make you a better and happier human being.”

Loved these inspirational quotes that Jeanine shared!

“There are times when you feel so jazzed up about what you’re doing, so excited to just get your words out there. But then there are the times when it really. Freaking. Sucks. And that’s not you. That’s the nature of creating something that you care about, and putting yourself into it fully.”

Maria write about how to create more exciting and engaging blog titles.

Sarah writes about how to figure out what make you happy.

I’ve been working my way through Helene’s 14 days to a better blog e-book. I’ve found it very helpful so far. And it’s free, people!

Chaltra shares six productivity hacks for bloggers.

Sarah shares 5 reasons why you need to walk.

Erin writes about the life lessons she’s learned from her dog, Jax. Reminded me of Buffy!

“As bloggers, we like to share our stories, trials and triumphs, but what isn’t often shared is that the first year of blogging might make you utterly miserable… and here’s why.”

Erin shares six tips to make summer travel more pleasant.

“We easily spend our resources on things to help us cover up our bodies, emotions, tender hearts, and insecurities. But when we have an opportunity to really invest in ourselves, we try to talk ourselves out of it. As if we don’t deserve to shine, as if we aren’t worthy of the investment.”


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