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Saturday Sharing - Twilight, Unfriending, and more

Saturday Sharing – Twilight, Unfriending, and more

A gender-swapped Twilight. Could be interesting.

Elle & Co show us how to create catchy headlines.

I loved that Ava Jae used two of my favorite things – Supernatural and Harry Potter, when she talked about maintaining suspicion of disbelief.

Nina talks about when to unfriend on Facebook.

Let your definition of success evolve over time.

Danielle shares how she lost 70 pounds.

Audrey shares 15 ways to wear burgundy or maroon colored pants. I can definitely put her tips to good use!

How to write a killer about page.

Amber’s post on fashion tips she would give her younger self was such a fun read.

Saturday Sharing is a weekly feature where I share my favorite posts from around the web.

I’m linking up at The Ultimate Rabbit Hole!

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2 responses to “Saturday Sharing – Twilight, Unfriending, and more

  1. As usual, I’m loving your links hard. Danielle’s story especially resonated with me, what with having zero thyroid, a ruined metabolism and a weight gain that goes faster than moss gathering on a rolling stone! Inspiring stuff!