Saturday Sharing – The Wendy Trilogy, Being a kid again and more

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“As I well know from my teaching days, a life without creativity, without beauty and devoid of passion, is a life nearly not worth living. A life with creativity, on the other hand, with the capacity for beauty and passion, is a life that sings with our souls.”

Sharon thinks she might have been born in the wrong time period. And who can blame her? The 50’s were pretty awesome!

‘Supernatural’: Did Bobby actually die? Why we think it’s time to say goodbye. I hate to say it, but I agree. But I will miss his character tremendously.

Check out this list of 12 must-have plugins for your blog. I already added the Related Post one and I have plans to add a few of the others.

Samantha shares her story of day spent “being a kid again.”

Thank you Deborah for introducing me to The Wendy Trilogy! It is awesome and it you’re a Peter Pan fan you’ll love it. Be sure to listen all three parts.

Chris has some great Christmas gift ideas for your travel-loving friends. I love the Latitude and Longitude Cuff and scratch-off map! So neat!

“As I have said in previous posts, there is no story without the antagonist. Period. The story IS the antagonist’s agenda. No Buffalo Bill, no Silence of the Lambs. No Darth Vader, and Skywalker doesn’t have a Death Star to destroy. If Joker was a choir boy, Batman’s life would have no meaning.”


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