Saturday Sharing – Lotteries, girl’s night out and more!

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I’m loving Audrey’s series on building a remixable wardrobe! So many great tips!

“This means you can’t truly become expert at more than a handful of things, simply because of the time it takes to become proficient. You can’t effectively pursue 14 passions simultaneously if you want to develop real skill. Developing expertise demands focus.

There is one lottery that Jane isn’t sure she wants to win.

Angie gives some great tips on how to dress up jeans for a girl’s night out.

Joshua reminds us what we really need.

“The right-wing leap from that stance is that abortion should be illegal because they equate it to murder. The right-wing belief is that all the rights granted to a person after birth should be granted to a person before birth. And that right there is what terrifies me.

Want to know what happens when a celebrity retweets you? Just ask Marian.


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