Saturday Sharing – Castiel quotes, boring T-shirts and more

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In honor of Misha Collins’ birthday, The Winchester Family Business shared some of Castiel’s best lines.

“And I see a particular look on her face every time she gets to be around a horse–of any size. It’s a look that suddenly makes her look much older than her five years; an intent gaze of concentration.”

I really want to dress like Karen when I’m 70! Heck, I want to dress like her now!

Ava Jae’s advice on how not to write dialogue had me laughing out loud!

“If parents aren’t regularly explaining WHY they go to church, and WHY church attendance is a good and important thing, they are simply imparting to their child the empty shell of ritual.”

Sylvia makes a great case for getting rid of our plain, boring t-shirts?

Emmie shares some of her favorite Spike quotes.

“I’ve never thought so hard about the precision in the words I use. I worry about grammar and spelling and flow. But never the difference between precision and exactness and attention-to-detail. With blogging, we tend to flap around, assuming the words we think up on the spot will be perfectly understood by our readers.”


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