Saturday Sharing – Buffy, Taking Advice and more

“She showed the world that a tiny blonde can do more than run upstairs while chased by a murderer and die in the first five minutes of a horror flick. She showed the world that a woman can do more than just get rescued. She showed the world that a woman can live a life of honor and self-sacrifice. She showed the world that a woman can transcend tradition. She showed the world that a woman can be a hero.”

Alexandra suggests that we broaden Valentine’s Day to be about “all love and gratitude.”

What’s the problem with love triangles? Ava Jae has the answer.

Tania shows us how to get 8 outfits out of 8 pieces. Perfect for traveling!

“The media has all sorts of views about what you should be, but you get to decide what you want to be.”

It’s hard to know who to take advice from. But my instinct tells me that the best advice comes from the people with the most difficulties. Not in the past. But right now. Because that’s where you want to be: doing something difficult right this moment.”

Judy gives us tips about how to blog when blogging is hard.

I’m totally loving Audrey’s series on building a remixable wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing – Buffy, Taking Advice and more

  1. stephanie brennan

    Cool idea, Paula, to share what you’ve discovered. And generous. I will follow your lead. I was unfamiliar with some of these blogs. And I’m happy to learn of them. Thanks!
    stephanie brennan recently posted..Don’t Argue With Me, Dude!My Profile


    geeky_shopaholic Reply:

    Thank you! I have to admit it’s not an original idea. 🙂 Lots of bloggers do similar kind of posts. I find that these kind of posts are one of the best ways to find new blogs. 🙂 Enjoy!


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