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Saturday Sharing - confidence, travel, and more

Saturday Sharing – confidence, travel, and more

I’m linking up at The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

She laughed, looked me straight in the eye and said “Sarah, my choices are not a commentary on yours.

Sally tells us why we need to stop telling women that they can’t travel alone.

“I want my daughters to feel beautiful, but I don’t want them to tie their worth to the way they look. I believe that paying a genuine compliment is a gracious way to connect with another person, but I don’t want them to place more importance on flattery than it deserves. I want them to learn to say “thank you” when they receive a compliment, but I don’t want them to feel slighted if they don’t. It’s a tricky balance.

Choose one thing to simplify your life.

Love these ways to feel more confident.

I also love Maria’s take on dressing rules.

Alyssa recommends some design resources for color palettes. I’ve always loved Colour Lovers.

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2 responses to “Saturday Sharing – confidence, travel, and more

  1. Paula, you have the best posts. I love bobbing over at the weekend and seeing what you’ve found – the ways to feel confident and things to simplify your life are my favourites! Pure Gold! Hope you had a great weekend! x