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“Why do we believe that the traits that make us unique are bad, that they’re “flaws,” that they must be changed or eradicated? Why do we believe that we must strive for physical homogeneity? Why do we believe that there is one good body, one right body, one beautiful body?

“Bella, by being a weak, unstable, and uncomfortable heroine, reminds us of where we’ve been, or perhaps where we are; she evolves slowly into a character faintly resembling Hermione, whose strength, stability, and confidence reminds us of what we can become. Most of us, however, are stuck between the two archetypal extremes, and there is no shame in that, either.

Emmie’s review of The Hunger Games relieved a lot of my fears about the movie.

Jen shares her story of coming to terms with her brother’s bisexuality with a guest post on Jared’s blog.

Judy share with us what she did to get her blog to top ten status.

Check out Ashley Judd’s response to all the talk about her appearance.

“This is true in most of life—tell everyone what you want from them. You’re much more likely to get it. And much less likely to have to lie about the decisions you make later.”


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  1. Bea

    I have been totally assured by the review of the book, I think I1m going to purchase The Hunger Games as soon as possible! I’ve been a big fan of the Twilight series, and I think this one must be a great read as well. Thanks for the inspiration!
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