Saturday Sharing – perfectionism and more

Saturday Sharing - perfectionism and more

Saturday Sharing is a weekly feature where I share my favorite posts from around the web. I’m linking up at The Ultimate Rabbit Hole with Sammie, Karin, and Shannon. So be sure to give them a visit and check out the other blogs in the link up. 🙂

Amber shares how to have the confidence to wear whatever you want.

Sarah shares 7 of her favorite travel tools.

Ava Jae gives some tips on writing realistic dialogue.

“But as I continue along this journey of embracing minimalism and becoming a more conscious consumer, I’m always reminded of the bigger goal: to remove the non-essentials, so I can make room for what I really want.”

I love this look at JK Rowling.

“This is powerful stuff for perfectionists, who constantly feel a need to do things perfectly. Those living in God’s grace know that God loves them, period. Not because they act perfectly, but because they exist. They know they don’t have to earn God’s approval.

Jenni gives us five easy organizational tips for WordPress blogs.

Ashley shows us how to use SEO in our heading tags.

Audrey gives some great tips for accessorizing your outfits.

Meghan Sara’s 10 signs that you might be a confused introvert.

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