Supernatural Season 5 Finale

Supernatural Season 5 Finale

I hate to say it but I almost wish that Supernatural had ended here. It would have been the perfect ending. Dean was willing to sacrifice what was most important to him and Sam was willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. It is something that only true heroes would do and that is […]

The Pacific Episode 9

It is hard for me to watch The Pacific and not compare it to Band of Brothers, which I loved. In Band of Brothers, we got to know all the men of Easy Company, you came to care about them and their fates. The Pacific chose to follow three men through WW II, Bob Leckie, […]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

What became of all the boys who only want one thing Someone tell me what I’m doing wrong ‘Cause the good ones all got wedding rings And the young ones are just too dumb And I don’t think I have anymore room underneath my thumb I think after all the ends do justify the means […]

Supernatural - Two Minutes to Midnight

Supernatural – Two Minutes to Midnight

Castiel is back! Bobby can walk again! That is just two of my favorite moments from tonight’s episode. And, of course, the whole, “Did you kiss him?” scene. Right now, Supernatural is by far my favorite show on TV. Every episode is entertaining, the characters are believable and it is certainly one of the more […]

Song of the Moment

Is it Tuesday? Is it Wednesday? They’re runnin’ into each other Somebody tell me, when is my day Man, this life is sure bein’ a mother Loving Eric Church’s Sinner Like Me CD. His music has the more traditional country sound, which is great. Too many country artists today sound more like pop.  Don’t get me wrong, I like some of […]

Guilty Pleasures

Just finished reading the first book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. These books have been around forever and I’m just now getting around to checking them out. I’m so behind! I really enjoyed the first book, Guilty Pleasures. In this book, Anita is hired by a master vampire to solve a recent string […]

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