An Adult with Braces. Ewww.

I am 31. And I have braces. That almost sounds like an AA meeting! Almost four months ago, I took the plunge and got the braces that I had wanted for such a long time. You are probably thinking “why did you wait so long?” Well, there are a lot of reasons. When I was […]

The Twilight Series: My Thoughts

The Twilight Series: My Thoughts

Everyone has heard of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. How can you not? It is everywhere right now. The series is so huge that it is being compared to Harry Potter. So, being a lover of fantasy and Harry fan, I had to check it out. Well, Harry Potter it’s not, but I still found the […]

Indecision. It’s A Way of Life.

In your twenties, you are in this kind of in-between stage. You are still close enough to your teenage years to feel young, even though you are technically an adult. You feel like you still have plenty of time to make the big decisions in life. If you are not completely sure about who you […]

In Memory of Rue

If you are a girl and a child of the 80’s, then you probably grew up watching The Golden Girls. Exactly what it was about these four women in their “golden years” that I related to as a kid, I don’t know, I just know that I loved the show. As an adult I can […]

Lost -The End (Spoilers)

I haven’t been a faithful viewer of Lost, so I don’t feel I can comment on how fitting an ending the series finale was, but I did enjoy it. It was filled with wonderful character moments, which is what I always enjoyed about Lost – the characters. Sawyer. Hurley. Locke. Sun. Jin. Sayid. Charlie. It’s […]

Supernatural Season 5 Finale

Supernatural Season 5 Finale

I hate to say it but I almost wish that Supernatural had ended here. It would have been the perfect ending. Dean was willing to sacrifice what was most important to him and Sam was willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. It is something that only true heroes would do and that is […]

The Pacific Episode 9

It is hard for me to watch The Pacific and not compare it to Band of Brothers, which I loved. In Band of Brothers, we got to know all the men of Easy Company, you came to care about them and their fates. The Pacific chose to follow three men through WW II, Bob Leckie, […]