Why I'm Team Jacob

Why I’m Team Jacob

With the release of Eclipse on DVD, I thought it would be a good time to discuss one of my favorite Twilight characters – Jacob Black. I am Team Jacob. Yes, I sometimes make fun of Twilight, but I also really enjoyed the books, in spite of their flaws. And one of the reasons I […]

9 Christmas Gift Ideas

My Grandmother, we call her Poppy, is very hard to shop for. She is 86 years old, so she pretty much has everything that she needs. If you buy her clothes or shoes, she just puts them in the closet and never wears them. Whenever I’m going on a trip, she brings those clothes out […]

Online Shopping vs. The Real Thing

Last Year, I did all my Christmas Shopping online. No crowds. No waiting in long lines. No fighting crazy traffic. No rude, pushy people. No fun! In spite of all its bad qualities, I actually missed Christmas shopping. Did I miss the things I mentioned above? No! But there is just something very special about […]

The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

A plane lands at JFK. No lights. All but four passengers dead. The four survivors are burning up with fever and the dead aren’t decomposing like normal bodies. There’s also a huge black coffin filled with soil found on board. It’s up to CDC Doctor Ephraim Goodweather to find out what is going on. If […]

Poor Sam Winchester!

Poor Sam Winchester!

Poor Sam Winchester. He never gets to be the good guy. He never gets to be normal. I really thought that it was over. All the questioning of whether Sam was a good guy, of what side he was on. I thought that question was answered when he beat the Devil and sacrificed himself to […]

A Day at the Spa

Yesterday, my sister and I spent the day at a Spa. Last Year for Christmas, her boyfriend gave us both gift certificates and we just now had time to use them. My Mom asked us if we had fun, but I told her that wasn’t really the word. Enjoyable, relaxing and interesting fit the experience […]

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