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8 things that are good for my soul

Self-care is a popular topic right now. Everywhere you look you see articles and advice about it. And I admit I’m not great at it. At least not the physical self-care. You know like making sure I eat right and exercise or properly take my thyroid medicine. But one thing I am good at is

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Last Week on Twitter…

Recently on Twitter, an author was being bullied and asked for help in dealing with those bullies. Another author decided that that person had not suffered enough (because she was a white woman) to be asking for help in dealing with her bullies. There were people out there who had suffered worse! She hadn’t received

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Rex and Paula

The Things I love Most about my Husband

The other night at work was terrible. I hated everyone and everything. I even decided that when I got home I was going to write a post about all the things that people do that make me hate them. It was that bad! But when I got home and I woke Cap up, we laid

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Reading – 2017 So Far

One of my goals for this year is to read the books I own. Of the six books I’ve read so far this year, five were books I already owned. Which is great! But I’ve only read six books! I read more than that just in January of 2016! Anyway, in my What I’m Into

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Writing Just to Write

I’m writing this post because I don’t want another week to go by where my only post is the Rabbit Hole link up. I always hate it when one of my favorite blogs only posts link ups and now I’m doing the same thing. *Sigh* Don’t get me wrong I love and enjoy the Rabbit

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