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Why Small town folk voted for Donald Trump

It’s not because they’re racist, sexist, or homophobic like the media, liberals, and celebrities would have you believe. Yes some of them are. I won’t deny it. There are racist, sexist, and homophobic people everywhere! Even in the big cities that want to look down on us rural folk.

I live and work with rural people every day. I am one. So I can tell you better than the media, which has proved how out of touch they are with small town America with this election, why people voted for Trump.

I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for anyone because I didn’t get registered in time. Which was a relief for me, because the thought of voting for either made me physically ill.

But that’s not the point of my post. No, it’s why people voted for Trump, and here are three reasons why I believe that they did.

The Wall

Small town people work hard, and they are tired of giving their hard earned money to people who don’t pay taxes. Do they want all immigrants gone from America? No. They just want them to come into this country legally, and pay taxes. Donald Trump promised them this would happen.

The people who make six figures a year, maybe don’t mind so much what the government does with their money. They can spare it, but when you live paycheck to paycheck – you care. A lot.

He’s a business man

The media holds the fact that Donald Trump is a billionaire against him. But people see someone who has been successful with money, and they believe that he will be just as successful with their money.

They believe that he will make America great again. They see someone that isn’t controlled by our corrupt government system. And that gives them hope.

But here’s the biggest reason people voted for Trump. This is what won him the election.

They Hate Hillary

And they hate her for Benghazi.

They will always hate her for Benghazi.

In my small town, 85% of the people voted for Trump. 85 percent! That blows my mind. I know people who traditionally vote for Democrats, who voted for Trump because they could not vote for Hillary.

They see her as someone who hung our people out to dry. Benghazi says that Hillary Clinton does not care about American people. It says that she does not care about the folks in small towns. The heart of America. And they will never forgive her.

The media, the Democratic Party, everyone underestimated how much small town people hate this woman. They hate her so much that can overlook how terrible a person Donald Trump is, because let’s face it he is, and vote for him.

The media looks down on rural people. They call us ignorant, racist, homophobic, sexist, uneducated, inbred, and worse. Yet still expect us to vote for their candidate (because HRC definitely was the media’s choice.) It doesn’t work that way. The rural people are the only people in America that is is still socially acceptable to mock and belittle.

Is it any wonder their hate won out?

Do I think Trump will make a good president? No, but I hope he will. Because for better or worse, he is my President now.

I’m not a political person. These are just my opinions. I had to write because I’m tired of seeing myself and the people I live and work with every day disparaged by the media. Yes, they are filled with hate. Hate for Hillary. And because of that, Trump won.

Had the Democratic party chosen Bernie Sanders, he would probably be our President right now.

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2 responses to “Why Small town folk voted for Donald Trump

  1. It’s been very interesting watching this all play out from distant shores. We really didn’t get much coverage at all over Benghazi – we mostly just get “how on earth could the states vote for Trump” in Australia. But its really refreshing to read a different point of view.