There’s more than one way to do things

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There's more than one way

I love to learn, and I’m lucky that I’m one of those people that can learn by watching others, and from my own mistakes too. Because of that, I learned a lot of things at a young age. Which gave me the idea for a post, about all the life lessons that I learned at an early age. But when I started writing it, I realized that I had a lot to say so I turned it into a series instead. This is the fourth in that series.

Mom, Me, and The Dishwasher

When I was a kid, one chore I had was to load the dishwasher. Every time I did, my Mom and I would fight. I wasn’t loading it right. The way I loaded it made it harder to unload. At least, according to my Mom. I could see no difference in the way I loaded the dishwasher and the way she loaded it. And if even if I could’ve seen the difference, the dishes came out just as clean as when my Mom loaded.

And when I saw that I would never be able to do this task to suit my Mom, you know what happened? I quit loading the dishwasher. There’s no doubt that my Mom needed help around the house, but for me, it wasn’t worth the arguments.

There are several life lessons that I learned here. The obvious one is that there’s more than one way of doing things. We all think our way is the best way, of course, but as long as the end result is the same that is all that truly matters.

Don’t be a micro-manager

The second lesson learned here is that if you try to micro-manage people, you will end up discouraging them, and they will quit on you.

I wouldn’t have been able to put that lesson into words when I was a kid, but I know now after many years in the workforce that it’s true.

I’ve seen it happen so often. A manager has to have everything in their control. If you didn’t do a task the way they would, then you did it wrong. If it’s not their idea, then it’s not a good idea. Have you ever worked for someone like that? It’s not fun.

These managers don’t understand why no one wants to work for them. They can’t see that they are discouraging their people. Because their way is the right way after all.

I do believe that there are easier ways to do certain tasks, and when you’ve found that way, definitely share that with your team!

Not too long ago, I had a stocker that was struggling to complete her area every night. I stocked that area quite a bit when we were shorthanded, so I learned a few tips to make it go quicker. So, I shared those tips with her and asked her to try them out. I showed her how to sort her freight in carts, instead of trying to walk each piece to each aisle. Later, she came back to me, and said that I was right! My tips had made it easier to work that area.

I have another stocker who walks almost every piece of freight. But you know what? He gets done faster than everyone else! So, I let him do his thing. He’s not stocking the way I would, but the results are what I want, and that is the important thing.

So, definitely share what you’ve learned to help others! But remember that it’s Ok if they don’t follow your advice. There’s more than one way to do things!

And I feel like the blogging world is a great example of my point! There are so many successful blogs out there, each with a different story about how they found success. Success even means something different to each blogger. We bloggers give lots of advice, but when it comes down to it there is more than one way to run a blog. It’s all up to the individual!

P.S. I realize that some of my insistence on loading the dishwasher my way may have been teenage stubbornness but my point is still valid. 🙂

Now, what about you? Do you agree that there is more than one way to do things? Let me know in the comments!


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