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Writing Just to Write

I’m writing this post because I don’t want another week to go by where my only post is the Rabbit Hole link up. I always hate it when one of my favorite blogs only posts link ups and now I’m doing the same thing. *Sigh*

Don’t get me wrong I love and enjoy the Rabbit Hole, but I want to do more with my blog. More as in actually write posts for it.

I’ve had some huge life changes these past few months. Cap and I bought a house. We got married and moved into said house. We’ve been helping take care of Cap’s grandmother. Basically, life is happening and so the blog has taken a backseat.

Most hobby bloggers will be able to relate. My blog is not my job. It’s something that I do for fun. It’s something that I do just for me. And aren’t those always the things that are the first to go when life gets hectic? The fun things? The things that you do just for you? They aren’t priorities like work and taking care of your family.

I started this blog in 2010. I was pretty consistent with it until around 2012 when I got promoted to an assistant manager. It was a major life change and so the blog took a back seat for almost three years!

In 2015, I finally started posting consistently again. And now that I’m going through another life change I’m a little worried about how long it might take me to work blogging into my new life and routine. I definitely don’t want it to take three years!

So if any of you all have any suggestions about how to adjust to major life changes and still keep up with your favorite hobbies please tell me?! Just don’t tell me to get up an hour earlier! I mean let’s be realistic that’s never going to happen!

Another reason I haven’t been writing as much is work is super stressful right now. I use to have this great routine where I would come home from work and knock out a few chores then work on the blog before bed. Now I’m too exhausted and stressed out to do anything but sit around like a slug. It sucks!

Cap is great and encourages my writing, which I’m very thankful for! But he can’t motivate me. That’s something I have to do myself. And maybe just writing this nothing of a post will help in some way.

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