What saved me this Winter

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What saved me this Winter

The Modern Mrs. Darcy has these posts every so often, and occasionally I like to post one too. Winter is usually such a terrible time for me. Seasonal Depression is real! And it gets me almost every year. January and February are usually the worst! But this year has been better! And here is what has been keeping me sane.

Life Changes

This Winter I’ve had a ton of stuff going on! Cap and I got married and bought a house! It’s hard to be depressed when you have such wonderful things going on in your life. Yes, parts of that were very stressful, mostly the moving and getting married over an 11-day stretch, but it was stress caused from one of the best things to ever happen to me!

There are times when I think about all we still have to do and I get overwhelmed, but then I remember it’s we now not just me and that make me feel so much better

Cap and The Dogs

I have a family to take care of now! My Cap and our two dogs. Yep, that’s right! Buffy has a brother. Cap’s dog Mac has finally moved in with us. Buffy’s not entirely thrilled about it, but hopefully, in time she and Mac will become good friends! As for me, I already love the mischievous little monster!

Also, Cap is really understanding about my seasonal depression. And even though it hasn’t been as bad this year, I’ve had a few low days and he’s always understanding when I just want to lay on the couch and barely move for a day.

The Weather

Winter has been very mild in Tennessee this year. We’ve had so many pretty days. Days when a light jacket or no jacket at all were required! It’s been wonderful!

Cap and I take advantage of the pretty days and our big backyard to take the dogs out to play. This means I’m getting more sun than normal this time of year which make me a much happier person.

A Sister Day

My sister and I decided to pamper ourselves while I was vacation earlier this month. We both got facials and massages! Which were wonderful! Even if my neck was super sore afterward! That is where I carry all my tension so the masseuse spent a lot of time on my neck and shoulders.

Paige and I also went out for lunch after the Spa and then to Target for a little shopping. It was a fun day!

(And in case you’re reading this – Happy birthday Paige!)

Making time to write

Writing always make things better! It always has. And it always will. That need to write is a part of me and when I make sure to take the time to write, I’m a happier person all around.

Now, what about you? Have you ever had seasonal depression? What helps keep it at bay? Let me know in the comments!

What saved me this Winter


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  1. I totally get this. Luckily winter has been really mild for us this year, so I haven’t had it as bad as usual. I definitely agree on the ‘good life stuff’ thing to help get through winter – it really helps to have fun stuff to look forward to – and good memories too! Getting married over winter is really smart I think, because you’ll always be able to brighten it up with anniversaries.
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