What I learned in 2015

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What I learned in 2015

That I missed blogging

Blogging has been hit or miss for me for over two years. My first post of 2015 wasn’t until June! That’s crazy! Cap had been telling me that I needed to start blogging again, and I’m glad that I listened to him. Because I missed it. Once I started writing again, the ideas just kept coming to me. And it felt amazing! I’d forgotten how much I needed this outlet for my ideas.

That haunted houses aren’t for me

In October, I went with Cap and some of his friends to a Haunted Cavern. But after watching the Freak parade, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be a in dark cave with those creatures. Even though I knew that they weren’t real, I couldn’t do it.

I’d been on a haunted hay ride, and through a haunted corn maze, but this was too much. And that was ok. I don’t enjoy those kind of things and it was time I admitted it to myself. I love curling up with a good scary book or watching a scary movie, and that is enough for me.

That some friendship advice is wrong

I’ve read advice on friendship that says if you have a friend that keeps ditching you that maybe you need to cut ties with them. But I think that’s wrong. I do have a friend that is always bailing on plans at the last minute, but I’m always there for her or any of my friends when they need me. Because that’s who I am. She may be known as someone who can’t be counted on, but I don’t want that reputation. I will always be there for her and all my friends.

That friendships change over time

I’ve been friends with the same group of girls for almost 20 years. I’m still really close to one, not including my sister because, of course, I’m close to her. But the other girls? We’re not as close as we once were. I can see it in the way that making time together isn’t as big of a priority as it once was. And I’m finally OK with that. It doesn’t diminish the years and times we had together. I will still be there for them if they need me, like I said above, and I will cherish their friendships always.

That a good beautician is worth an hour drive

Every time I tell myself I don’t have the time to drive an hour for Heidi to cut my hair, I pay for it. I just needed a trim, but my bangs were butchered! It took three months to grow them out. Never again! I will drive the hour, because Heidi knows my hair and always does a great job.

That I can’t read one book a week

I thought that the 2015 Reading challenge would be a cinch! One book a week, I could do that. Wrong! Between work, my boyfriend, my family, the blog, friends, and Netflix, I can maybe read one book every 8 days. If I’m lucky. And that’s OK. I would like to read more, but I know that because of the challenge I read more books this year than last, and I think that’s wonderful thing.

That grief can strike at any time

My Poppy passed away in August. She was a part of my life for 36 years. Growing up, my sister and I spent just as much time at her house as we did our own. Some days are harder than others. I dreamed she called me the other night, and I woke right up. I wondered what it meant, because I always wonder what dreams mean, but then I thought, how silly! I knew what it meant. It meant that I missed her and that I would give anything to hear her voice again. I know that she is in a better place and that her body is whole and strong now. But I miss her. She lived 92 years. She deserves to be missed.

That life is an adventure

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a relationship, but in June, Cap and I started dating. We had been friends for a long time, and then suddenly we were more. And it’s wonderful! One of my favorite things about Cap is that he calls everything we do together an adventure. Even if we’re just running errands. Together our lives have become that – an adventure, and I’m glad to have him by my side.

What lessons did you learn in 2015? Let me know in the comments!


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