To be a cougar or not to be a cougar? That is the question!

Posted January 12, 2011 by Paula in My Life / 0 Comments

Suddenly I have become attractive to twenty year-olds. When I was 20, not so much! But now that I am almost 32 they love me!

Seriously! Where were these guys when I was twenty? Oh right! They hadn’t even hit puberty yet!

Some of you are probably thinking what’s the big deal? Annie, one of my co-workers, told me to embrace my inner Mrs. Robbinson, but I just can’t!

Honestly I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a woman dating a younger man. If men can do it, so can we! In fact, I have dated younger guys, but it just never works out for me. They always end up making me feel really old! And I don’t like feeling old!

When the last younger guy I dated, I’ll call him J, told me that his parents wouldn’t let him drive on the interstate, I knew it was time to give up on the younger guys. He was 20. I was 26.

Actually, after J, I went out with one other younger guy. We went out a couple times while he was on a break with his girlfriend. They got back together and are now married!

So, do you see? Me + Younger Man = Bad Luck!

That being said, the attention is really nice. It makes me feel young and hot! And I can’t complain about that. 🙂

So, what do you think? Is it all right to be a Cougar or Sugar Daddy? Or should we all just stick to those closer to our own age?

Personally, I want someone my own age or maybe even older. 🙂


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