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The Things I love Most about my Husband

The other night at work was terrible. I hated everyone and everything. I even decided that when I got home I was going to write a post about all the things that people do that make me hate them. It was that bad!

But when I got home and I woke Cap up, we laid in bed and I told him about my horrible night. He showed me some funny YouTube Videos to make me laugh, then he massaged my aching feet and legs, and then made us both a delicious breakfast.

After that, all the hate I’d been feeling disappeared. And I thought that instead of writing such an angry post that it would be nice to write a post about all the things I love about my wonderful husband.

Cap reads my blog so I know that he’ll read this post too. He asked me several times what I was writing about but I wouldn’t tell him! I wanted it to be a surprise!

The things I love most about my Husband

1. He puts his family first. Cap quit school so that he could take care of his Dad and Grandfather who were both ill. He basically put his life on hold to take care of his loved ones.

2. The way he plays with Buffy and Mac.

3. His sense of humor. He always knows how to make me laugh!

4. He always tells his brother, and his Mammaw he loves them before they part ways. And me too of course!

5. He built his own TARDIS!

6. He can build anything actually.

7. He calls everything we do together an adventure.

8. He likes to cook!

9. He doesn’t follow the crowd.

10. He encourages my dreams. Even the crazy ones.

11. He is a Christian. And he isn’t afraid to tell others about the Lord.

12. He is a good friend!

13. He never gave up on his family dog Molly. Everyone said just to put her down because she was old and frail, but instead, Cap found a Beagle rescue and they took her in.

14. He works hard at everything he does.

15. He gets excited about technology and tools. He was so cute with our new Nest Thermostat!

16. He has freckles and big blue eyes and curly hair!

17. The voices he does for Buffy and Mac. We could have a hit YouTube series from it I just know it!

18. He likes The Andy Griffith Show.

19. He is romantic. And he finds it funny that I don’t have a clue about romance.

20. He always stands up for what he believes is right.

21. That he calls me and Buffy “His Girls.”

22. He has a strong moral code.

23. He’s a bit old-fashioned. For instance, he opens doors for me and carries my heavy bags.

24. He is thoughtful. Just one example: One night at work I was really upset so he immediately came to the store with a care package of chocolate, Starbucks, and a cute little bunny.

25. His loyalty to his friends and family.

26. How he sets his jaw when I pick at him. It’s kinda hot!

27. His bed head. It makes him look Ten aka The Doctor. Also Hot!

28. He is playful and flirty and fun to be around.

29. He is nerdy just like me.

30. He read the Harry Potter books. Possibly just because I love them!

I could list a million more things I love about this wonderful man, but I’ll stop here. 30 is a good number to stop on I think. (And Cap, I know you’re reading this so – I love you!)

So, tell me what do you love most about your significant other? Have you ever had the urge to write an angry post but then decided to channel your energies into something more positive? I’m so glad that I did!

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3 responses to “The Things I love Most about my Husband

  1. Lovely post! Focusing on the positive and making gratitude lists can turn a not-so-great day around quickly 🙂
    I love my husband’s sense of humour and the ability to see the positive in situations. His patience and unconditional love for me is high on the list. I feel like doing a similar post so I can jot everything down 🙂