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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done

If you follow my Facebook page or you follow me on Twitter, then you know what I’m about to talk about. If not take a look at my menu up there, do you notice a new link? It says “Hire Me.”

Yep, that’s right. I’m for hire! I started my own virtual assistant business!

And it is the scariest thing that I’ve ever done!

I’m still working full time, and I’m doing this business on the side. I have a husband and two dogs, and a new house to take care of. It’s a lot!

And I worry that I won’t be able to keep up.

Thankfully, my husband is supportive and helps me whenever I need it.

I would never have had the courage to do this without his encouragement. He believes I can do anything!

At first, I didn’t want to tell anyone I know about what I was doing. What if I failed? What if they tried to talk me out of it?

But the course I was taking on virtual assistance encourages you to tell the people in your life about your new venture. The course also recommended the “hire me” page. (Mine actually leads to my business website.)

So I felt like there was no getting around it. I had to tell people!

And you know what? So far everyone has been supportive. Even if they don’t quite understand what a virtual assistant does. They’re happy for me.

I started the course on July 23. Before I even finished the course I had two clients!

I had two clients before I was even truly prepared for them! Which was scary. But when they approached me, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t say, “Well I’m not quite ready to start yet.” Now could I?

And I’ve learned so much from them already! It makes me so excited about all the new opportunities out there!

There was one thing though that I wasn’t prepared for – my confidence dropping at times.

I’ve been in retail for 17 years. I know my job there and I know the expectations and I know how to meet those expectations every time.

But suddenly I was worried that my work wasn’t good enough. That I wouldn’t meet the expectations of my clients. It was stressful, people!

But I gave it my all anyway! And so far they have been pleased with my work.

I know that once I do more work that I will become more confident in my skills, Plus, the longer I work with a client the better I will know them and how to meet their expectations.

I’m excited about this journey. And I’m scared. But you know what they say? “If the direction you’re going in doesn’t scare then you’re going in the wrong direction.”

The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done

Now, tell me about the scariest thing you’ve ever done? Have you ever started your own business? Any advice for a budding entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments!

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6 responses to “The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done

  1. Congratulations, Paula! I briefly did some web work, mostly setting up mailchimp for bloggers and a few other things and I agree it is VERY scary. I was always afraid that I would get in over my head or screw something up. But, like you said, once I had a few clients under my belt I was more confident and knew I could do it.

    I wish you the best of luck! I know you will do well ๐Ÿ™‚