Never have I ever. Except, Now I have.

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A while back I wrote a post on things that I had never done in my life. I found it recently and realized that there are a few things that I now can check off this list. I’ve also had some new experiences that weren’t even on my Never Have I Ever list.

Watched a movie in 3D.
For my first 3D movie ever, I watched The Avengers. It was also the first time that I ever went to the movies by myself.

Lived on my own.
I’m now going on my third year of living on my own. I love it! And I’m glad that I waited until I was truly ready financially to move out. I realize that not everyone has this option but I’m thankful to my parents for allowing me to live at home as long as I did.

Gave a speech.
When I attended assistant manager training three years ago, I had to give a speech. I hated it. But I was so proud of myself for doing it.

Carved a pumpkin for Halloween.
I’m going to do this every Halloween from now on!

Cooked a complete meal by myself.
It might be simple things like meatloaf, potatoes, and green beans, or a casserole, but I’ve done it! It was learn to make a few meals, or starve.

Got a speeding ticket.
A camera caught me. Twice. In the same spot. Thankfully those cameras are no longer there.

Been to a play.
I took my sister to see Into the Woods for her birthday. Neither of us had watched a real play before. It was so much fun!


Decorated a Gingerbread House
A new Christmas tradition for me and my Sister.


Painted a picture
My friends and I took an art class. They showed you how to paint a picture step by step. It was amazing!


So, what’s something new that you’ve tried lately? Let me know in the comments!


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