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My reverse bucket list

Rebecca at The Uncaged Life first posted about the Reverse Bucket List! And obviously I thought it was brilliant! So, I had to do a post of my own!

Everyone has heard of a bucket list. This is a better version of it! A bucket list says, “I’m 37 and still have all these things I want to do, and may never get to!” A reverse bucket list says, “I’m 37 and I have done so many awesome things in my life! Go me!”

I love the focus on the positive! Looking at what I’ve actually accomplished makes it seem possible that I will get to do the things that I still dream about. You know the important things! Like having my picture made with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!

So without further ado, here is my list of 50 things that make me Awesome! AKA The Reverse Bucket List!

The List

1. Rode a Gondola through the streets of Venice

2. Climbed Mt. Sinai

3. Went inside the Eiffel Tower

4. Toured Buckingham Palace

5. Went on a cruise

6. Stood on the beaches of Hawaii

7. Visited Pearl Harbor

8. Went on a Safari in Kenya

9. Rode in a Hot Air balloon

10. Got five Tattoos

11. Moved out on my own

12. Bought my own car. Twice

13. Started a Blog

14. Adopted a Chihuahua

15. Been to Rome

16. Saw the Pyramids

17. Went to Greece

18. Got promoted to Assistant Manager

19. Went up in a Lighthouse

20. Saw The Nutcracker

21. Saw a real play

22. Mentored people that got promoted

23. Put up a shelf all by myself

24. Discovered a talent for making desserts

25. Painted a picture

26. Watched the Changing of the Guard in London

27. Been to the Grand Canyon

28. Won a hundred dollars on a slot machine

29. Stayed friends with the same group of girls for 20 years

30. Became a Whovian

31. Found the man of my dreams

32. Started contributing to my 401K

33. Learned how to file my own taxes

34. Saved enough money so that I could do #11

35. Was Captain of my store’s Relay for Life Team

36. Bought a four-wheeler

37. Saw George Strait in concert

38. Decorated my own apartment

39. Became comfortable calling myself a writer

40. Taught myself how to code HTML

41. Stood at the equator

42. Rode a train overnight

43. Took a cruise on the Nile

44. Learned to drive a forklift

45. Read Winnie the Pooh to my nephew

46. Learned to accept my body as it is

47. Rode a boat on an underground Lake

48. Sang in my church’s youth choir

49. Learned to curl my own hair

50. Learned to make the best peanut butter fudge EVER!

Now, what about you? Tell me some of the things that make you awesome! Or better yet, write your own post and let me know about it! Just be sure to give Rebecca credit for the idea!

My reverse bucket list

I’ll be skipping my regularly scheduled Wednesday post this week as I will be on vacation with Cap! But I will be back for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole on Friday! Have a great week my friends!

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5 responses to “My reverse bucket list

  1. Wow Paula! You’ve done a lot of cool things in your young life. Travel intimidates me, so I’m really impressed with all the places you’ve visited. I hope you write more on that…hint, hint. ๐Ÿ™‚