My Goals for 2016: Where I’m At

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My Goals for 2016: Where I'm At

It’s hard to believe it’s almost August! This year has flown by! And because this year is going by so fast, I knew that I needed to take a look back my yearly goals before the rest of 2016 flew by. I wanted to make sure that I was still on the path I wanted to be on, and that I was making headway to reaching my goals. And you know what? I’m doing better than I thought!

Blogging Goals

Find a consistent schedule and maintain it. When I first made this goal I was aiming for 5 days a week. That didn’t happen. It was hard to accept, but I’m not going to be able to blog that much. Instead, I post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But! At least I completed this goal.

Increase my Readership. My numbers are definitely more than this time last year, though not much more than in December when I made this goal for 2016. Engagement is up though! And I feel really good about that!

Build a Backlog of Posts. I do have around 40 posts in my drafts folder, and I ususally keep posts scheduled about a week in advance. So this is a definite win!

SEO on older Posts. This is something that I’ve been making a commitment to the past few months. It will take a long time to do this, but it’s worth it!

Find My Niche. I decided that having a niche wasn’t all that important or necessary for my blog.

Buy a Graphics Program. Well I didn’t buy it, but Cap gave me Coral Paint Shop Pro for Christmas. Isn’t he awesome?!

Design a Logo. When I made this goal I had in my mind a header for the blog, not a logo which is what I called it. They are two different things, which I’ve now realized. I have made a header! And I’m still working on a logo, which is just as important.

Learn to Code and Design on Own Theme. I haven’t completed this goal yet. But! I signed up for a course to teach me how to build my own theme at #GirlsOnWP.

Develop my brand. I’ve been working on the visual branding of the blog. I changed the theme. Decided on my brand colors, which are the ones that came with the theme. (HA!) And I’ve been experimenting with my feature and pinnable images, so that I can find just the right look. I’m using hand drawn images and fonts, and so far I’m loving it!

Make seasonal goals. I haven’t stuck to this, Instead, I’ve been making monthly commitments, which seem to be working out OK.

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Reading Goals

Finish my unfinished books of 2015. I haven’t completed this. Yet! I still have time, but as most of my unfinished books are on my Kindle, I keep putting it off.

Read more Nonfiction. I have read two – Big Magic and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Go Me!

Reread some of my favorite books. Another fail! I really do want to reread Harry Potter, but there are so many new books calling my name!

Write reviews of each book I read. I did well with this at the first of the year, but I’ve slacked off lately. Sometimes, I enjoy a book, but not enough to actually blog about it.

Read a lot of books. Definite win here! I’ve read 21 books so far. In 2015, I read 28, so I’m way ahead of last year.

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General Goals

Take a one month break from Facebook. Since I started a Facebook page for my blog – I don’t see this happening. Though it’s still a temptation with all that is going on in the world right now.

Complete all my blogging goals. After writing this post I’m feeling good about what I’ve accomplished on blogging goals so far!

Read a Lot. I’m feeling good about this one too!

Be a good aunt. I’ve been an Aunt for over a month now. I’ve held him and fed him, changed his diaper, and played with him. And I bought him the awesome Ninja Turtles out fit he’s wearing in this pic! So, obviously I’m crushing this goal!


Participate in Relay for Life. Did this! It was a blast, in spite of the rain!

Get published. Well, I haven’t really been working toward this goal. But! I’ve had two guest posts, and I’m submitting posts to SITS, so I’m putting my writing out there! And for me that is a win!

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So, what about you? Did you set any goals for 2016? Where do you stand? Have you decided that some really aren’t what you want after all? Let me know in the comments!


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