My birthdays are jinxed

Posted March 5, 2012 by Paula in My Life / 7 Comments

Saturday was my birthday. I turned 33. I also woke up with the right side of my face swollen to twice it’s normal size. My tooth is abscessed.

The Wednesday and Thursday before my birthday, I had been in major pain. I went to my dentist, he said that my tooth was hitting the bottom teeth so hard that it was causing trauma. This is the tooth that I had sectioned in November, so it has already been through a lot. The dentist made an adjustment so that the teeth wouldn’t collide anymore.

I thought it worked, I wasn’t in pain anymore. My mouth was just a little sore. Then came Saturday morning. My sister said that I looked like Mr. Burns, because my upper lip protruded so much. It was not pretty.

That being said, this birthday was better than last year when I had the flu and missed a whole week of work.

I do have one thing positive to say about this year’s birthday, for the first time in years, I was not depressed in the weeks leading up to it. I had honestly forgotten about it. There was just too much going on to think about it. I’m trying to get promoted at work. There was my good friend, Brooke’s baby shower, and then the arrival of her baby. I was in a feud at work. I had been sick with bad cough. My Sister and my Poppy had their birthdays.

It was nice not to care about getting older. Maybe I’m finally accepting the inevitable.


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