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Lessons Learned at Work

Lessons Learned at Work

I am an assistant manager now, but for 12 years I worked under other assistant managers and here are a few things that they taught me.

Find a way to win.

It made me so mad when my assistant manager, Mike, would say this to me. I knew it meant that he wasn’t going to help. I don’t know if he was intentionally teaching me a lesson or just being lazy, but it did teach me a lot. I learned to stand on my own two feet, and find solutions to problems on my own. And to this day when a problem comes up, I tell myself to find a way to win.

Pick your battles.

Another manager named, Mike, taught me this lesson. My way was the only way and to get me to do anything outside of that was a fight. A fight that I was always willing to take on. But he showed me that sometimes, you need to compromise. That sometimes you need to save your energy for the big, important battles. And those above you are more willing to listen to what you have to say, when they know that you’re willing to work to find a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Leave work at work.

Susan was the best at this. She told me that I needed to stop taking work home with me. Taking all the worries of work home with me each day, was stressing me out. She told me that when she walked out of the doors of the store each day, she left it all there. Susan always started each day fresh. No matter what had happened the day before, she never let it get her down. It took a lot of practice but I learned. And now it’s rare that I let work affect my home life.

Find a new purpose for old things.

Lance taught me to find new ways to use our old displays. Instead of just tossing them, we would re-purpose them for a new feature. It was such simple thing to do, but somehow it had alluded me for years.

It is what it is.

I know a lot of people hate this phrase, because it’s like you’re giving up. But Scott taught me to use it in different way. When people are being petty, that’s on them. That’s who they are, and it is what it is. You cannot change them. It has nothing to do with you, and you shouldn’t let it affect how you do your job.

So, what are some lessons that you’ve learned at work? Not just from your bosses, but from co-workers as well? Let me know in the comments!

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