KonMari: What I’ve learned so far

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KonMari: What I've learned so far

My KonMari Journey has begun! The first area Marie Kondo suggests tackling is clothing. All I could think was, “What if none of my clothes spark joy?” Turns out it was an unwarranted fear. I still had plenty of clothes left.

Kondo says to put everything on the floor, but I didn’t want Buffy to walk all over everything, so I piled my stuff on the bed. I started by going through some of the items that I knew I loved, so I could recognize the spark when I felt it.

Some items I knew that moment I saw them that they would be going in the “let go” pile. I realized that I no longer wanted them, but I had kept them because they still fit. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up had given me permission to let them go! It was wonderful!

KonMari: What I’ve learned so far

I worked for several hours and I made it through all my tops and bottoms. This included my lounge wear.

I did keep a few pieces for their functionality. Like my winter fleece top and my Under Armor shirt. Neither really sparked joy, but they are useful when we have bad weather. I also kept a few items because they work well with other pieces that do spark joy. Like my burgundy cardigan, that I wear with my little black dress, and my polka dot top.

My closet
My closet after the purge. I didn’t think to take one before. And yes, I hang everything! You can see everything that’s left except my pants.
Here are all my empty hangers to give an idea of how much I started with.
Here are all my empty hangers to give an idea of how much I started with.

What I learned from the items I let go of

  • I will not wear unisex T-shirts. Especially if they are white. I need to stop buying them, even if it is for a good cause, or fandom I love.
  • I won’t wear peasant looking items. Even If I do think that they are pretty, they’re not me. No more eyelet lace!
  • I will not wear dresses casually. I only wear them for church, or special occasions. And no more sleeveless dresses. I won’t wear them without a cardigan.
  • I need to stop buying things just because I see it on my favorite blogs.
  • I need to stop settling. When I know what I need in my wardrobe, I need to keep looking until I find the perfect piece.
  • I must stop keeping items that I order just because they fit. I need to ask myself a few questions first:
    1. Do I like how it fits?
    2. Does it feel too complicated?
    3. Does it look like me?
    4. Is it a fabric and color that I will actually wear?
The "Let Go" pile.
The “Let Go” pile.

At the end I had three garbage bags full of clothes to give away/sale. I haven’t decided for sure what I am going to do with them. My closet is half empty,  I have three empty drawers in my dresser, and I still have plenty of clothes to wear. It was a good day! And exhausting! Just look at poor Buffy!

Buffy napping

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? What are your thoughts? Have you begun your journey yet? Any tips, if you have? Let me know in the comments!

KonMari: What I've learned so far


3 responses to “KonMari: What I’ve learned so far

    • I’m glad that you found it helpful! 🙂 There was a few times I questioned myself, like am I giving this up just to be getting rid of stuff? You’ll definitely be asking yourself a ton of questions through the process. I did, and it’s been helpful. It’s making me more mindful of my clothing purchases. 🙂

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