How to lose a friend and not care

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Where I work there are seven hourly supervisors, we all do the same job, but we each have different areas of the store that we are over. One of the male supervisors is angry at the rest of us and has refused to speak to any of us for going on three weeks now.

Here is what happened:

One day we had a video to watch. All of us watched it, but he was not told about the video. Most of us had just clocked in from lunch, and were told the video was starting and were asked if we wanted to watch it. It was not a pre-planned meeting. For my part, I admit that I really didn’t notice that he wasn’t there, but I always assume that if someone doesn’t come to a meeting that it’s because they are too busy. (Lord, knows I’ve missed plenty.) I’m sure that everyone else’s thinking was along the same lines. And I am 100% positive that he was not purposely excluded. Also, there were other employees watching the video not just the supervisors.

Anyway, he was very upset that he wasn’t told about the video and has since refused to speak to any of us, unless it is work related, and even then it is in a rude manner.

I also want to mention this about the video we watched: it had no great bearing on our jobs at all. None! Plus, it was going to air again. This guy is also known for complaining about what a waste of time these videos are.

After two weeks of this nonsense, I decided to try to make peace and here is what I was told: he didn’t give a fuck about any of us. We had hung him out to dry. And that if he couldn’t trust us to have his back in the little things, he didn’t need us to have his back for the big things.

This is coming from someone who I have worked with for 12 years and considered a friend. He completely wrote me and five other people off over a simple mistake.

I should be angry or sad, but I’m not.

He has shown me what kind of person he truly is and that person is someone who would let something petty ruin the relationships he has with six people. He is someone who is childish and unforgiving. He is someone who chooses to be miserable.

I don’t want or need someone like that in my life. And it is that realization that made me not care about loosing this friendship.

For everyone out there who has lost a friend over something petty and meaningless, stop regretting it! You deserve to have better friends than that! Be glad that this person is gone from your life. Enjoy your true friends, who realize people make mistakes and forgive them when they do.

So, have you ever lost a friend over something silly? What were the circumstances? Were you ever able to repair the relationship? Or have you realized that some friendships just aren’t worth it?


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  1. I once lost a friend over the outcome of some game in P.E. I was playing ping-pong on a doubles team with her, and because I messed up and didn’t hit the ball right, we lost. She was mad; I thought she’d got over it, but a few days later I got a message in my locker saying she “had to find cooler people to hang out with,” but “it had been fun.” I still think she held my sports ineptitude against me. LOL, her loss!
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